Hi, my name is Sam.  As a wee lad, I’ve always been artistically inclined.  Pen and pencil has always been my media of choice.  In elementary school I used to draw many monsters and other assorted beasties, to my father’s dismay.  This comes into play and has an influence on some religious themed drawings that I have recently created.  In high school, I moved from monsters to cars, planes, cows, and robots.  My drawings then took on a very precise and exact nature.  In college I took a drawing class, though didn’t learn too much.  The instructor suggested I get into “Biomedical Design,” but I didn’t give it much thought.

These paintings are a completely new genre for me.  My aunt Zenith, taught me a new method of painting that she was learning, and it seemed fun.  www.zenithgebhardt.com  Going from precision to abstract was an intriguing challenge, but “great things happen when you get out of your comfort zone.”  I set up my garage like a “Dexter kill room” and just went for it.  All paintings are original, signed, 18×24, and professionally matted.  I’ll include Paypal buttons on the works, as soon as I figure out how to package and ship them.  In the mean time, if you see something that peaks your interest, whether it be for an original or a print, feel free to send me an email on the “Contact” page or call me directly at 951-218-3311.


Or… I have prints online


P.S.  “Inverted Cow” came about in High School.  Back then, I was going through a cow-phase, (just go with it).  My friends and I wanted to start a band, but realized soon that none of us had any talent.  Back then, in the early 90’s, my favorite band was Depeche Mode.  That band name has 11 letters in it, and going with my cow set mentality, I figured that “Inverted Cow” would be a great band name for us (also with 11 letters).  Fast forward a few decades, and that notion came up to light from the recesses of my brain.  I’d say “The rest is history,” but let’s say that “The future is to be anticipated!”


P.S.S.  The band ended before it was even started.